A Celebration of Motherhood

A Celebration of Motherhood 2018
Lisa Noël Babbage

Lisa Noël Babbage

Author, Teacher, Philanthropist

May. 13, 2018

“...we as family members, neighbors, and citizens have [pivotal impacts] not only on each other's lives but on the trajectory of our nation as well.”

In a city divided, women of all shades gathered together in celebration of a commonality: Motherhood. Hosted by Urban CURE’s president Star Parker, and co-hosted with the help of Dr. Alveda King and Dr. Day Gardner, guests welcomed Keynote speaker Dr. Candy Carson at a luncheon held at Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC.

Mrs. Carson spoke of the importance of mothers as per expected, but what some might have found unexpected was her continual link to the nation she said which gives mothers the place of value so often unattainable elsewhere. Carson deferred to many stories about her husband’s childhood and the impact his mother, an illiterate single parent, made on both he and his brother. The culmination of these tales was surprising patriotic and heartwarming. She spoke with great eloquence at the pivotal impacts we as family members, neighbors, and citizens have not only on each other’s lives but the trajectory of our country as well.

Through the breaking of bread, conversations around every table turned to mutual respect and adoration, common goals and dreams; all uniquely female and uniquely American. The Celebration of Motherhood, a new annual tradition, sparked a renewed sense of purpose and drive in so many of the women present. As Mrs. Carson spoke she encouraged not only our efforts within our our families, but called us to continue to pour into the national family to which we all claim affiliation. It was through her vision of America that each attendee was charged with finding their own piece of the American pie to bake and enjoy.

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