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At the 2018 Call to Action shoot
Lucretia Commerce, Georgia

I spent 20 years on welfare. I had four children, in poverty. Now my seven grandchildren have something to strive for. “I can’t” - that’s hogwash. I am an American that happens to be black.

Dr. Day Gardner at the White House
Day Hammonton, New Jersey

My father said, "We are a part of a very unique and amazing country - you can be anyone you want to be.” These were the words he gave to all six of my siblings. We were part of a small community of black families in a hard working, middle class neighborhood. This was the sustaining foundation I took with me to college where I entered the Miss Delaware Pageant in 1974, and represented the state as the first black Miss Delaware at the Miss USA Pageant in 1976. It wasn’t until I received death threats …

Kelly Seoul, South Korea

The dictionary was my best friend when I first came to this country. The truth is that back home there seemed to be fewer options for me. People did what their parents did, so I went to school to be a teacher. But after my first year in the field I knew it was not for me. And there were no prospects for marriage at the time so I felt stuck…

Look up, move forward.
Vivian East Point, GA

The military changed mindsets and culture for our family for three generations - we saw America at its finest in the men and women that serve our country through hard work, based on their own merit, not the color of the skin but through the content of their character.

Shelley New York City, NY

I've been the black sheep in my family. There were opportunities gained and opportunities lost, but every morning we can choose to restart our lives no matter how bad the decisions were in the past. We can rebrand ourselves - and as Americans we can spread that message…

Nathaniel Atlanta, GA

I was born to a Columbian-American mother and a Mexican father. They were young, and uneducated when they married but not too young to make sure that I had the best education available. That is something America gave my family. A free education. And with that one benefit I know my life can be anything I want it to be. Our homes in Mexico were larger than what we have here, but the things I take for granted: game systems, TV's, expensive shoes, all but make up for it. I was told that the gangs were the main reason my father's family moved to the States; looking for another option that did not involve bullets…

Elizabeth Phoenix, AZ

I try to walk away from it, but I can't turn it off - once I see an injustice, I must speak. One of the best things I've learned is to allow others to express ideas and their own opinions. To share ideas freely is one of the freedoms we enjoy here in America. I feel like I can speak to any individual faction (politically)…

Anthony Bronx, NY

There is an open secret in America. It is that our people are our greatest resource; with our entrepreneurial spirit, and dedication to freedom. Biology says we are all one race: Human. Geography doesn't change your biology - it might change the ethnicity you are born with, but it does not change your race. The Constitution is the great equalizer between people's ethnicities…

Gabriela Arad, Romania

I think it is so different for me, this idea of America. I came here when I was 5. I am an American. My kids are American. But I am also a product of my home country. In my life today, my biggest problem is keeping my house clean. My husband and I have two young children. Chasing them around my home is an American dream come true. I could never have achieved the freedom to choose what I want to do in life, or where I want to live if my father had not run (through) the Romanian border to immigrate here…

Stephen Springfield, Missouri

I never considered myself Japanese-American. My dad was third generation. My grandparents wanted their kids to be American. I virtually had no Japanese heritage growing up. It wasn't until my senior year of high school when I was called to the office that I realized I was considered a minority…

Rey Caguas, Puerto Rico

Dedication pays off. That's my statement to anyone. Have heart. Stay focused. You can accomplish anything you want. I call myself the Mayor of everybody…

Lisa Noël
Lisa Noël Philadelphia, PA

When I was growing up, my mother used to drive us to affluent neighborhoods to look at mansions. And she would say, “You can live there one day.” And at the end of that day we would drive back to the ghetto and stand in line for government cheese or go hungry, and deal with the lights being out trying to do homework with no school supplies…

Julie Bellevue, WA

Tradition plays into the American fabric. Benjamin Franklin reached out to each of our founding fathers, when they were writing the documents that this nation is built on. In their quiet reflection, those men began to understand that in order for freedom to truly reign in a country, people have to let love lead through listening. I worked my way through college. That was the beginning of my American dream - an education. But years later, I had a daughter who was born with genetic disorder…

Lisa Chicago, IL

I'm not going to sugar coat it - there is discrimination. Ethnic minorities have always found it difficult to fit into the mainstream, to belong, and to feel accepted. I have painful memories growing up with prejudice and racism. But these difficulties and memories do not stop me from loving America…

Mykael Brooklyn, NY

The Constitution is what makes America America. America keeps me employed. I travel and share experiences through music. Sometimes I think people just need to sit down…

Picture of Valerie
Valerie Buffalo, NY

I have lived a life doing my part. I never listened to the predetermined paths people tried to put me on. That allowed me to do my part. And that could have only happened in America…

Dazel Tulsa, OK

Even though I grew up in a predominantly white neighborhood, there was never overt racism. It may have been there but it was behind closed doors. It never hindered my forward progress although it did bring up trust issues. But I think my experience wasn't what people think…

Marcia's Grandparents
Marcia Springfield, MA

I took for granted a natural-born, diverse childhood. I never thought about prejudice, not even in the MLK times. We just understood that you could overcome obstacles with hard work. My grandparents were immigrants…

Thiem Hong Kong, China

If you google Vietnamese boat people you might find my parents. In my internet millennial existence in America, there are few reminders of that time. The internet opened my mind to a world my parents couldn't imagine. But the new life my family found here enables me to be a part of something bigger…

Tyler Cleveland, TN

I tend to see my life as a documentary, because as an American my culture has been shaped by the different movements that a hand full of people took action upon and decided to influence a cause for change. The repetitive pattern of change that can take place in America shifts thought, redirects greed, and creates situational dependencies that challenge you…

Dr. Rich Rogers
Rich Dallas, Texas

We were proud to be from where we were from. Nothing special. A working class town of blue collar families. That was my childhood. We did not expect anything to be handed to us. We expected to work. The decision of how hard or how long was up to each one of us. Up until about 6 months ago, I’m sure I’ve never worked less than four jobs for most of my life. I worked to pay for college and I’m still paying...

LaNell Atlanta, GA

I think what we've done right far outweighs what we've done wrong. Sure there have been atrocities but there is no place in the world where you can go that there haven't been atrocities. I've seen that first hand growing up in the Civil Rights movement. I lived through the marches and the dogs and the water hoses. But everybody in the world hasn't tried to correct their mistakes…

Dave New Dehli, India

I may not be the average immigrant. Back home I had more political influence, more high powered associations, more money to be blunt. But in my searching for the best place to raise my family, I found America to be the only place that stood out to be a proponent of the human condition...


VWT 2020 Kickoff in Washington, DC

Speaker's Summit

In Washington, DC. hundreds joined their voices to collectively petition the president on behalf of compromised communities from coast to coast.

By Staff

Governor's Mansion

Once Upon A Memory

Recently news about the Georgia's Governor's mansion has been less than fond, recalling traditions of racism and unspoken rules that kept people separated, but now brings all people together to celebrate the birth of One greater.

By Lisa Noël Babbage

Reaching for life

Huddled Masses

If we can talk about tough topics like abortion in a way that brings solutions and unity, we can talk about anything.

By Lisa Noël Babbage

What Would You Do

What Would You Do

#GivingTuesday approaches with more of an incentive to give back

By Lisa Noël Babbage

Photo credit Sam McGhee

For or Against

Gathering in Atlanta, a group of women discuss contemporary issues for the 2018 Call To Action video shoot.

By Lisa Noel Babbage

iStock photo found on https://stream.org/walkaway-movement-picking-up-steam-among-democrats/


Why has Brandon Straka's movement gone viral? And are Democrats really afraid of its impact?

By Lisa Noël Babbage

REP Elephant Logo

2016 Republican National Committee Platform

Dedicated to To all who stand strong in the face of danger So that the American people may be protected against it — The men and women of our military, of our law enforcement, and the first responders of every community in our land — And to their families.

By Lisa Noël Babbage


2016 Democratic National Committee Platform

Despite what some say, America is and has always been great—but not because it has been perfect. What makes America great is our unerring belief that we can make it better. We can and we will build a more just economy, a more equal society, and a more perfect union—because we are stronger together.

By Lisa Noël Babbage

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The Whisper Room

Being on the map during an election cycle is the most important thing for a candidate, but how does it compare to what is most important for voters?

By Staff Writer

A Labor of Love

A Labor of Love

The American worker has brought strength and prosperity, as well as secured the over all well being of the nation.

By Lisa Noël Babbage


Adoption Awareness Day

November 17, 2018 is National Adoption Awareness Day!

By Lisa Noël Babbage

Howard & King

We're Not Color Blind

Humanity's diversity paints a prettier picture, adding culture, language, music, and food from a variety of backgrounds - all uniquely American.

By Lisa Noël Babbage

Candidate for Georgia Lt. Governor, G. Duncan

Across the Aisles

Americans across the country are getting ready for to take part in a fundamental benefit of citizenship: the power to vote.

By Lisa Noël Babbage

Photo Credit: Chicagonow.com

A Cry For Battle

The "Queen of America" led a battle cry for the Republic. Her 1861 lyrics were first published in The Atlantic Monthly, an American literary and cultural commentary magazine that is still in circulation today.

By Lisa Noël Babbage


Becoming Humane

As organizations around the world recognize the need to formally organize humanitarian efforts on World Humanitarian Day (8/19/18) one can't help but wonder what was going on the other 364 days of the year.

By Lisa Noël Babbage

Scream, If You Have To

Scream, If You Have To

When raising our voice is the only way to be heard, projecting is everything.

By Lisa Noël Babbage

Remembering Charlottesville

One Year Later

When American cities are put "on the map" for racism the only response is unity.

By Lisa Noël Babbage

The Old America

The Old America

After two centuries, some of our old values no longer stack up, but the evolution of America is more shaped by self-centered personal opinion even more than you might think.

By Lisa Noël Babbage

Is Teaching Patriotism Possible?

Is Teaching Patriotism Possible?

If we let the passion for patriotism fizzle we put freedom on the back burner as well.

By Lisa Noël Babbage

White college students conducting a peaceful protest for Civil Rights on Peachtree Street in Atlanta, Georgia circa 1968, courtesy of the Georgia State University photo archives.

First Impressions

“We hosted Martin Luther King, Jr. in our home in Decatur, Georgia, to one of the many dinner parties my parents threw. I was 14, and it never struck me as odd because this had been going on my whole life.”

By Lisa Noël Babbage

American Symbolism

13 Folds

According to the American Legion, America's largest veteran's service organizations, the flag folding ceremony represents the same religious principles on which our nation was founded.

By Lisa Noël Babbage

World War II Memorial Cemetary

Recollections of My Father

General William "Jerry" Boykin served in the United States Army for 36 years as a Delta Force Special Ops Commander, and he loved his father.

By Lisa Noël Babbage

A Memphis newspaper from 1968

The 50th Anniversary of the Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The dream did not die with Martin, it grows in each American heart.

By Lisa Noël Babbage

A Celebration of Motherhood 2018

A Celebration of Motherhood

100 women gathered together in celebration of motherhood and found themselves joining hands in support of something greater.

By Lisa Noël Babbage

Stickball on the playground

A Moving Picture is Worth 10,000 Words

Housing projects across the nation are filled with people who have dreams of a better life.

By LaNell Babbage-Torres

IC2L One Voice Billboards

One Voice

In a nation of free people, one voice makes a rippling impact that inspires other to choose love.

By Lisa Noël Babbage

Photo of graffiti in Atlanta.

Hometown: Native Reflections

I wouldn’t choose to live anywhere else in the world. The Constitution is a living document. It was meant to govern us and sometimes society has to catch up to it.

By LaNell Babbage-Torres

Emma's Torch Kitchen

Emma's Torch

“Rebuilding communities for these new Americans is part of the organization's mission; and it is the essence of Lazarus' welcome to all immigrants: come and dine with us, you are welcome here.”

By Lisa Noël Babbage

Breaking Down Stereotypes

To Humankind, Be True: Breaking Down Stereotypes

“You can tolerate a great many things. However, the path to understanding is the path to meaning beyond stereotypes, category, or rigidity.”

By Lisa Noël Babbage

Interconnected bliss

Try This: Operation Experimentation

“To find out what you are really made of, consider taking on someone else’s random selection just long enough to see how your beliefs about people stand up.”

By Lisa Noël Babbage

Image of the 7 continents

Global Stats On Racism: Since Y2K

A global summary of statistics in the last two decades on the growth of humanity, scarcity, and racism.

By Staff Writer

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