Huddled Masses

Huddled Masses
Lisa Noël Babbage

Lisa Noël Babbage

Author, Teacher, Philanthropist

Dec. 2, 2018

“When contrarian views continue to present only one side of a story, the American people loose their rights to make informed decisions. @ShoutYrAbortion clouds the issue, "Huddled Masses" sheds light.”

I Choose Love Campaign Promotes “Huddled Masses”

I Choose Love Campaign , a multi-faceted grassroots digital voice in support of the United States Constitution completed its first production, called the 2018 Call To Action this past September, designed to educate voters on the importance of “voting values.” The campaign, founded by LaNell Babbage-Torres, includes a website aimed at fostering an open conversation across the aisles through personal stories of love for America. In neighborhoods around the metropolitan area of Atlanta, billboards with LaNell’s face, boasting slogan after slogan in favor of conservative values can be seen during the daily commute on Atlanta’s roadways.

An unexpected one-liner from the video stood out and birthed not only a children’s book entitled Lady Liberty, now available on Amazon, it also birthed a response to actress Amy Brennaman’s **@ShoutYrAbortion **Speaking Tour, announced last week, in select cities. Lisa Noel Babbage has her own version of a discussion of one of the most divisive topics in modern times: abortion.

Babbage’s rendition, Huddled Masses, is set to launch in small settings this weekend in Lawrenceville, Georgia, and will continue throughout December and through early January.

Babbage is promoting the talk through Eventbrite as a free opportunity for people to discuss, through the Q & A following her thirty minute talk, how to focus on solutions for both sides. Babbage’s last talk will take place in Washington, DC. on February 2, 2019, at an event at the Trump Hotel.

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