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The Whisper Room
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Staff Writer

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Sep. 11, 2018

“Across communities in this nation, candidates are gearing up for the political battle of their lives.”

Mid-year elections being held this November are quickly becoming the hottest topic in town. As we recall the September 11th tragedy, it’s nearly impossible to recall a pre-911 America. Everything has changed since that fateful day when nearly 3,000 lives were lost. Even though three presidents have bolstered the un-official national holiday marking America’s greatest home front sacrifice since the Civil War, it has not been enough to bring this nation back together. In fact, since 911, the nation appears more fractured than it was before.

We have seen a Democrat in office as well as a Republican in the seventeen years that have passed. The question we must begin asking ourselves is “What are we doing differently, that actually makes a difference?” To begin to answer the question we need to get down to the bottom line of why people insist on pointing out every difference found in America foregoing the commonalities that make us one nation, under God.

The Whisper Room Series of politically inspired children’s books paint a different picture anyone can understand. It depicts a return to the Constitutional principles that characterize America and the American people. These clear cut understandings use appropriate vocabulary to express the details and responsibilities September 11th rekindled for Americans on either side of the aisle.

With titles ranging from Patriot Day, commemorating and educating on the importance of recalling the events of September 11th, to Marshall’s Ruling, that enforced the doctrine of judicial review, The Whisper Room Series gives an understandable explanation and call to action in favor of patriotism, unity, and education. These stories conclude with a Patriot’s Creed and lesson on American symbolism - a fit foundation for any reader.

You can find The Whisper Room books on Amazon.

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